VINNAPAS® Brand comprises of VAE (Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Copolymer & Terpolymer) Binders / Emulsion / Dispersion for Water based Adhesives, Architectural / Decorative Coatings and Construction Chemicals. WACKER offers the construction industry world-leading solutions to the key topics of insulation, protection, adhesion, sealing, and decorative finishes. As a global market leader in polymeric binders and one of the world’s major silicone manufacturers. They not only have the benefit of outstanding expertise in polymer and silicone chemistry, but can also optimally meet a wide variety of technical, climate-related and regional demands. Some of these demands are related to applications which include walls, flooring, concrete & masonary, facades, wet areas, infrastructure, roofs etc.

VINNOL® consists of Vinyl Chloride Resins for Heat Seal Lacquers, Printing inks, Industrial Coatings, Masonry Paints, Pigment Preparation etc. These Resins can be used in different applications for Blister Packing, Aluminum Foil, Liding Foils, Metal Coatings, Barrier coating, Can coating, Coil coating, plastic Coating, Corrosion Protection coating, and Wood Varnishes etc.

Wacker Silicones is a global leader in production of SILRES®, Silicone Resins, and Intermediates & Additives for Industrial Powder, Coil & Protective Coatings. In 1998 WACKER and Metroark, its Indian partner company founded a silicone joint venture named Wacker Metroark Chemicals Private Limited, it is fully consolidated 51% subsidiary of Wacker, with its registered office and a manufacturing unit near Kolkatta. Their well known products are – Silicone PA-51, Silicone PA-52, Silicone PA-56, Silicone H.R 1805 & 1805-6, Silicone Fluid –DM3LAC, Defoamer SE-227, Defoamer 21, Metroark Defoamer compound and offering well established grades such as BS 3003,BS 168,BS 16, BS 38 etc. for the Architectural, Building & Construction markets.