“The Shepherd Color Co. of USA is a World class manufacturer of complex Inorganic Color Pigments (CICP), Specialty pigments like silver coated glass flakes and activated Manganese Di-oxide. Their roots originate in the 1920’s ceramics industry, where they supplied colors for porcelain enamels. By the early 1960s, their product line had expanded to a full range of complex inorganic color pigments for the premium coatings and plastics markets. Today, their products are used in many diverse applications, especially where performance is critical under the most extreme conditions, such as super durable Coil & Powder coatings. They are a company with a very strong R+D focus with several Proprietary developments such as I/R Reflective Pigments, Dynamix (Pre dispersed Pigments) & Pigment Yellow 217 (NTP Yellow).